About ISRB


Indian Society for Radiation Biology (ISRB; Registration No. S-19927 dated May 5, 1989), is a vibrant scientific society. It is represented by members from the length and breadth of India and abroad, who are pursuing different aspects of radiation research. The ISRB has been organizing National and International conferences/workshops since its inception; and has also been disseminating new knowledge in radiation research. The broad objectives of ISRB are:

Objectives :

  • Encouragement and support of research activities concerning the interaction of ionizing and non- ionizing radiations with biological systems including molecules of biological importance and applications of the knowledge thus gained for human welfare.
  • Organization of Congresses, Symposia, Workshops and Schools for research and training.
  • Publication of results of research in radiation biology.
  • Preparation and publication of communications, which would be of help in the coordination of research between scientists
  • Encouragement for establishing all India collection of material, slides and scientific publications for research and training.
  • Assists in collaboration between scientists from different disciplines at National and International levels.
  • Provision of fellowship and prizes to out-standing research workers in the field of radiation biology
  • Any other legitimate means to further the cause of radiation biology in India. The society shall endeavor to cooperate with other appropriate National and International bodies

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